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Selecting your Lovebirds

There are so many Lovebirds you can select from petshop. When you select lovebirds always be cautious to select healthy birds. There are large varieties of lovebirds to choose from.for those of you who are beginners maybe you are confused to select the lovebirds. Do not be confused to choose, make sure always choose young hand-raised birds as they are easy to be tamed.Older, wild, colony or parent raised birds may prove difficult to tame. Pay a little attention to the activity of the birds, as their activities will reflect their health; buy those lovebirds which are in sound health. Choose birds from both the sexes to make breeding easy. Always have an eye on the colour of your bird as colorful birds attract eyes.

Lovebirds are actually nine species you can consider selecting as a pet Lovebird. Eight of this species are natives of the African continent. These are the Peach-faced Lovebird or Rosy-faced Lovebird that has two subspecies; Masked Lovebird or the Yellow-collared Lovebird, Fischer's Lovebird, Lilian's Lovebird, Black-cheeked Lovebird, the Abyssinian Lovebird also known as Black-winged Lovebird; Red-faced or the red-headed Lovebird has also two subspecies, Black-collared Lovebird that has three subspecies, and the Grey-headed Lovebird has two subspecies, which is a native to Madagascar, which is also known as the Madagascar lovebird.

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