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Bird Love Bird is known as a funny shape and hair color combinations are very charming. Bird Love Bird is very talkative, because this bird is sensitive with a high voice that is around. Caring for birds Lovebird is easy and fun.

And here the character of lovebird to know:

  • Easy to adapt, Love Bird bird is very easy to adjust to environmental changes.
  • Noisy and like to fight. When Love Bird bird heard or seen similar birds, the spirit of direct combat raged.
  • Easily provoked passions. This bird is very easy to ride lust, many causes that can create increased desire on the birds of this species. Variation of feed inappropriate, excessive drying or view other Bird Love birds can quickly raise the level of lust.
  • Easy to tame. Due to the high adaptability to the human cause easy to tame.
  • Not easy to stress. Bird species have been bred by humans for hundreds of years.
  • Bird Colonies and in groups. We recommend that you guard some Love Bird birds in one house. Because if this bird alone, then over time the Love Bird bird will become stressed.
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