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Reason Why Use Plastic Bird Spikes


Bird droppings can affect our health but it also can do serious damage to property.Bird Droppings are acidic and cause extensive damage to stone and even painted metals. When pigeons, seagulls, crows and larger pest birds come to roost and nest on private property, they typically cause the three Ds: damage, defacement and disease.

Bird droppings can also create serious slip and fall hazards on your property. Should someone accidentally slip on a wet bird dropping, you could be held liable for personal injury damages. This can be very expensive and raise your property insurance rates.

Having to clean nests and debris out of a gutter can get pretty expensive. The same holds true for cleaning bird droppings off solar panels, skylights, rotating air vents, security cameras and other rooftop equipment.

Many people Use and Install Plastic Bird Spikes because plastic bird spikes are easy to install and maintain.

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