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Pigeon Control Tips


Pigeons are found in every corner of the world.These birds have actually transformed from being loved creatures to loathed pests in the past few years because of the rapid increase of their population in human settlements. Their bizarre preference to buildings and other human structures as nesting places and their excessive dependence on humans for food have made these birds notorious pests both in cities and in urbanized rural areas.

These birds also cause severe maintenance and degeneration problems to valuable structures in these places. Pigeon faecal materials are also deposited in large quantities all around the places where they build their nests. These droppings create a conducive breeding grounds for many harmful parasites which can actually cause various human illnesses and diseases.

Tips on pigeon control:

The most preferred pigeon control methods are exclusion, deterrence, crop management and population or infest reduction. Numerous ways exist by which people can stop the nuisance of pigeons. These include:

  • Natural pigeon control: You can prevent pigeons from encroaching areas such as terrace and courtyard by using ‘block-off nesting’ and netting techniques. You may also make use of several strong spices such as pepper, garlic and cayenne, which act as deterrents for pigeons and reduce their infestation in the gardens. Natural pigeon control methods do not harm them physically.
  • Pigeon spikes: Pigeon spikes are a common product used in pigeon control method. They prevent pigeons from nesting on the roof, ledge or any other habitation area. ‘Defender 4T pigeon spikes’ are the most effective and economical spikes available for pigeon control.
  • Bird spikes: ‘Defender 4T’, a kind of bird spike, is a very effective pigeon control tool.
  • Pigeon deterrents: They offer effective and safe protection from property damage caused by nesting pigeons.
  • Bird repellents: This bird repellent has 13-inch long plastic base along with multiple stainless steel wires that protrude upwards in 4 different angles. They can be used as physical barriers to prevent pigeon encroachment.
  • Pigeon wires: You can also prefer installing pigeon wires on your terrace or courtyard. Pigeon wires are not only affordable, but also very effective pigeon control tools.
  • Anti-roosting bird spikes: These kinds of spikes, when glued on to windows and other areas where pigeons flourish, work effectively. Its protruding pins do not hurt pigeons but compel them to find other roosting places.
  • Other Methods: You can use your creative mind to think of other ways to prevent pigeons from nesting in your house. You can actually hot-wire your fences to electrocute the birds (although this method may harm non-targets) or you can purchase an automated sprinkler control that turns on when pigeons land on your lawn.

Pigeon droppings also contain many pathogens such as viruses and bacteria. These pathogens are responsible for transmitting pigeon diseases such as Coccidiosis, Collibacillosis, Pigeon pox, Paratyphoid and Paramyxovirus. Therefore, it will be beneficial for you to adopt any of the above-mentioned pigeon control methods.

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