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How to Train an African Gray Parrot to Talk

As satisfied bird owners can attest, teaching a parrot to talk takes patience but is well worth the effort. Parrots are talking birds and many of them can get quite good at it. Start out with the word "hello" and keep repeating it until your birds has learned to say it in a clear tone of voice. DO not move on to other words until it has learned the first one. Take one word at a time and only move on to the next when it gets it right. Remember to reward it with treats and positive words and gestures. It is actually no different that when teaching children how to talk.

To teach an African gray parrot to talk, train the bird in an area without distractions, use a clicker and treats to praise cooperation and repeat lessons twice a day. Avoid stressing out an African gray parrots or it may back off from talking.

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