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How to Clip Lovebirds Wings?


Birds prefer other birds to humans. First thing you should do is clip the lovebird's wings if they are not clipped. A clipped bird cannot get away from you and is at your mercy to get from place to place, etc.

Before clipping the wings of your lovebirds, you ought to think is it necessary to clip the wings or not. Once you decided to clip lovebirds wings, beware that you should clip the flight feathers only.

Once you clipped the flight feathers, your lovebirds cannot fly for long distance within the cage. Don't think that your lovebirds can't fly if you clip wings- it can safely glide if she falls from a high place like a table top.

Although clipping lovebirds wings is touchy topic, I may choose both for my lovebirds. On the other hand the choice is yours- clipping the flight feathers or not...

Here is the video of clipping wings by bekindplease

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