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Bird Control Available in various Forms


Some of the most beautiful creatures in nature are birds.While some people enjoy watching birds and hearing their calls others seek out bird control products because they are sick of birds destroying their crops damaging their property and disrupting their peace. People seeking relief from birds can be business owners whose livelihood is being threatened or homeowners engaged in a territorial fight.

Bird droppings can affect our health but it also can do serious damage to property.You could resort to getting a cat and hoping that he will take care of the problem but there are more foolproof methods of bird control available. Some products seek to eliminate birds by making the environment uncomfortable for them. By installing plastic or stainless steel bird spikes along rooflines bridges near power lines or on buildings birds cannot comfortably roost. The birds are not harmed but they get the message that they are not welcome.

Polyurethane bird netting sends birds the message that they are not welcome by blocking their access to roosting and nesting areas. If your bird problem persists after trying these methods it might be time to bring in the electricity. An electrical system that is solar or battery powered and attached to any surface by adhesive may provide relief. The strip gives any bird coming in contact with it enough of an electrical shock to startle it. The electrical current is not strong enough to harm the bird. These types of systems are commonly used on residential or industrial buildings or signs where it is important to maintain an attractive appearance but also to deter the birds.

Another choice for bird control is a device that either emits a loud sound to scare the birds away or mimics the distress call of a specific type of bird to cause panic. Either of these choices can be effective but there are some problems with them. The birds can become used to the loud noises and come to understand that they are not backed by a threat. In the case of the distress sounds only that specific bird will be moved from the scene and it also requires identification of the species that is causing the problem.
One of the most important parts of protecting your environment from birds is to identify the type of bird causing you the problem. Once you have determined who your enemy is it is easy to employ bird control. Research will tell you the deterrent that is most effective with this type of bird for the lowest cost possible.

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