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Selecting Our Favorite Bird Feed (Parakeets)


Parakeets staple food is small seeds such as millet, white millet, red millet, corn, brown rice and some kinds of other grains.

Parakeets are one type of bird that is not too fussy eating. If they are too hungry eat wooden cage will be crushed to vent his hunger.

Therefore there is a special tip when selecting our favorite bird feed are:

  • Choose colors such as millet or barley feed that looks bright and actually contains. That's a sign that the food is still fresh. There are times when the feed merchants who sell the feed stock for long. Maybe quiet times yes. So if we get teiti not feed grains are less qualified are marked grain weight was lighter aka Hollow lot (less contain).
  • When choosing a kilogram of feed directly from the merchant's good selection of the feed we were soaked by water for a while so that the empty seeds float so that we can filter and discard. Good grain will sink. After soaking our immediate strain and dry in the sun with a hot sun in order to feed in the dry state in storage to prevent mildew. Keep in mind that moldy feed which is very harmful to the health of parakeets.
  • Another way is after we soak / wash our seeds are roasted (fried without oil) while we add a little salt minerals / kitchen or vitamins (additional supplement).
  • If we choose to live our artificial feed mills are immediate.

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