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Purchasing a Canary


Canaries may be purchased from a pet store or a reputable breeder. When selecting a Canary, try to choose a young bird as it may be easier to tame.

The female canary does not sing as well as the male. Many people are surprised to find the bird they thought was a male, turns out to be a female with less or often no song. If you want a Canary specifically for its singing ability, make sure you have actually heard it sing. Keep in mind that a canary who is under stress, moulting, in ill health or simply in a new environment, may not sing.

Hand raised babies often make better pets since they have been completely socialized with humans. Young birds are easier to tame and adapt readily to new environments and situations. Your new bird should be exposed early to different events (young and old people, males and females, other pets, car trips, visits to the veterinarian, etc.) to help promote a calm, well adjusted pet. The lively, alert bird that is not easily frightened is more likely a healthy bird. After purchasing your new bird, have it examined by your veterinarian.

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