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Canary Care Tips


chirping canaries could amaze the listener, that's why many people likes adopt a canary. In addition, the bright plumage makes walnuts unsightly.

This canary must be treated to keep it healthy so that Si owners can enjoy the beauty of this bird. As pets are generally located in the cage, the food and beverage, shall be in addition to the state of his own cage. Small cage, dirty and smelly must have been less had fun, especially if places to eat and drink dirty. Types of treatment include several things including:

- Cage
- Places to take a bath
- Nursing
- Composition of the food mixture
- Ring of feet (if necessary)
- Places to eat and drink

Research on animal behavior has been running for a long time, and our assessment is that our domestic animals are not really worth braces itself for the animal. A scholar Professor Hediger, has been scientifically proven that an animal that has been in foster their environment that people will be treated as a territory of residence. This applies to animals that were kept people from generation to generation, and bred within the catchment, in this case the cage as her residence.

cage must be kept clean. canary like wetting his body so put some container for a shower, do it at the time of drying in the morning or late afternoon.

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