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Teaching your parrot to speak

So what Parrot talk?
As the buyer in the above joke correctly suggests, not all parrots talk. This is true of different species and different birds within a species. For example, African Grey Parrots are known to be excellent talkers but that doesn't mean that all African Grey Parrots will talk. Hopefully your only reason for purchasing a parrot is not because it can talk. Parrots have so much more to offer than talking and you would be cheating yourself and your parrot if that is your only reason for getting a parrot. For the most part though, many parrots learn to speak at least a word or two even without formal training.

Teaching your parrot to speak

  • Choose a simple word, usually with one or two syllables, and start teaching your parrot that word.
  • Repeat the word firmly, slowly, and distinctly every few seconds until your bird makes a sound in response.
  • Do not try to teach you parrot multiple words immediately because it will only confuse the bird.
  • Reward your bird with a treat as soon as it makes a sound. The sound doesn’t even have to sound like the word you are trying to teach.
  • Do not jump to big words at once though teach your parrot simple words at first and go for bigger ones only after he has learned several easy ones.

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