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Parrot Toys and Treats

Toys for parrots provide a better alternative than to have your parrot chew up your furniture or curtains. Parrot toys also give your parrot safe items to investigate instead of exploring dangerous household items, such as cleaners. Remember to always praise your parrot whenever you see him or her playing with their toys, as this will reiterate to them that playing with their toys is a good thing.

Parrots are highly intelligent animals. Toys are important to parrots because they help achieve two things: they keep the birds mentally stimulated and they provide some form of exercise that allows the parrots to expend their stored-up energies.

The most important thing to remember when providing toys to your bird is not to overwhelm him by giving him all the toys at once. Three toys at a time would be good but please remember to ROTATE HIS TOYS or he will just end up getting bored and unhappy with them. If he seems tired of the toys he is playing with right now, replace them with new ones. Keep the ones he lost interest in and reintroduce them to him after three months or more. By this time, he would have forgotten about these and would get all excited about them all over again.

Remember, taking care of parrots is like taking care of little children. It can be fun yet challenging at times. If you are patient and you care enough for your birds, you will be rewarded with the joy of having a loyal, loving and playful bird in your midst. It doesn’t take much to make your bird happy — just a little attention from you and some nice, motivational toys.

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