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How to Get Pet Bird Insurance


Birds can be harder to insure than other pets, in part because of the wide variety of species and breeds kept as pets. Fortunately, there are a number of pet insurance providers that offer general policies to cover medical expenses for injury or illness. Most insurance providers limit their offerings for birds. With birds, the availability of insurance coverage for issues like third-party liability is fairly rare.

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Get Pet Bird Insurance

  1. Research what kind of medical needs your bird is likely to have in the future. While you can't predict injuries, you can learn about hereditary weaknesses that are likely to affect the breed in question.
  2. Choose an exotic plan. Many pet insurers don't offer coverage for birds specifically, but may be able to offer you their exotic pet plan.
  3. Get quotes for the policies that can cover your bird. The majority of respected insurance companies, such as Veterinary Pet Insurance, offer immediate online quotes (see Resources below).
  4. Choose an affordable plan from a company that is licensed in your state. Information about licenses should be clearly listed on the company's website. Otherwise, it can be obtained from your state's insurance licensing agency.
  5. Go online to pay for the insurance policy you have chosen. In some cases, you may need to call the insurance provider to purchase a policy.
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