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Top Tips For Proper Parrot Care


There is no denying that parrots are very entertaining and fun. But before go to your nearest breeder, learning parrot care techniques in advance is very important if you plan to get this type of bird as pet. By knowing the right way to care for parrots, you will surely keep your pet happy and healthy which, in turn, means it will happily oblige to bond with you and perform amazing tricks. For starters, you should know that there are several kinds of parrots. And each breed somehow requires a different way of handling and caring.
But this should not worry you because most caring techniques can be applied across all members of this bird species.
Hand-raising is one aspect of parrot care that new or prospective pet owners should learn about. This process is simply all about hand feeding a baby parrot. Yes, that's right! Baby parrots. You see, many experts believe that starting to care for parrots right after they are weaned from their mothers is the best way to teach them how to trust and bond with humans, particularly their owners. Some parrot enthusiasts and breeders even go to the extent of taking baby parrots a few days right after they hatch, without even waiting for the recommended weaning period. Without its true parents to feed it, this is the stage where hand-raising or hand-feeding techniques will make or break a baby parrot's health and later bonding with its owner.

Parrot care also goes well beyond feeding the birds. You should know that grooming is a very important aspect in having a companion parrot. While it is true that grooming birds can be easier compared to that of dogs and cats, you will still need a lot of patience to care for the appearance of your pet. Typically, grooming parrots involve clipping the wings, trimming the talons, and keeping the beaks in good condition. If it is your first time to trim your parrot's beaks, it is always a good idea to visit a veterinarian or a reputable breeder and ask for tips. Improper trimming of the beak can seriously injure your pet.

The final element to consider in parrot care is providing your pet with a comfortable environment to live in. Buying the right cage will help develop your companion parrot's intellectual capacity and allow it to maintain good health. Choosing the right home for your pet will protect it from stress and other threats, enabling it to learn and do amazing tricks easily.

Gideon Williams is a parrot care expert.
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