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The Secret to Finding The Perfect Parrot Pet Sitter


We would all love to spend 24hrs/7days a week with our parrots but eventually you have to get away. And who wants the hassle of taking your pet parrot to a pet boarding place and dropping them off in an often crazy and foreign place. You MAY not like it but your parrot ABSOLUTELY isn't going to like it. Finding and using a pet-sitter is the perfect solution to your dilemma.

Your bird gets to stay in it's own environment, eat its normal diet and it keeps them away from other potentially sick animals at the local pet boarding place.
Screening your pet-sitter will give you the piece of mind that you need while away and your pet parrot will thank you for it. The process of picking the perfect parrot pet-sitter should begin with an interview at your house. Invite the pet-sitter over to discuss their company and pricing. And be prepared to ask the important questions. Here are some tips and questions to help you find and screen the perfect parrot pet-sitter.

1. Do they have experience sitting for your type or kind of bird? As you know, a bird is not a always a bird. Different birds require very different diets, care and attention. Does the pet-sitter have experience with your type of bird or a similar bird? A good pet-sitter will have experience with sitting for a variety of birds.
2. Do they own pet bird themselves? If possible, try to find someone that actually owns a bird. Not owning a bird shouldn't immediately disqualify them but owning one is certainly a plus. If they own one, they'll be more likely to understand the care and maintenance required of birds. A good bird sitter will own their own bird and have a detailed understanding of their required care.
3. Do they have good references AND can you call them? It is critical for you to check references. ANYONE can call themselves a pet-sitter. And just because they have a website or a listing in the phone book doesn't make them a reliable, capable or a good pet-sitter. Don't fall for the 'testimonials' posted on their web-site. Also make sure you talk to more than one reference. It's easy to fake one or two references. Finally, make sure they are quality references such as actual clients (not their mothers, brothers, and sisters) or local veterinarians. A good pet-sitter will offer you a list of QUALITY references to recent and/or current clients AND their contact information.
4. Are they insured (in case of accidents) and bonded (in case of theft)? Nobody likes to think about something going wrong. But it can happen so make sure you're prepared and make sure your pet-sitter is covered in case something does go wrong. Any professional pet-sitter should and will be bonded and insured.
5. What is their process? For example, will they spend time with the pet, will they visit more than once a day, will they visit early in the morning, late at night etc. Are they flexible, willing and able to fulfill your requirements. A good pet-sitter will be willing to do whatever you require and whenever you require.
6. Is the parrot pet-sitter a professional member of any pet care organizations? This obviously isn't a requirement but it often shows a more detailed level of interest and professionalism. A good pet-sitter will be connected in the pet-sitting industry and will be a member of professional pet-sitting organizations.
7. Have they been in the business for a while? Beware of those just starting out. If you're their first client, they may be good but there's no way to tell. It's certainly not worth the risk for extended times away from home. If they pass all your other screening requirements, you may want to consider them for a single day visit just to get to know them. A good pet-sitter will have considerable experience and a history of pet-sitting which shows that they are in the business to stay in business.
8. Are they a member of the Better Business Bureau and have they had any complaints? Not everyone has to be a member of the BBB and just because they don't have complaints filed against them shouldn't give you the automatic green light to use them. Most people don't contact the BBB for complaints when they come across a bad pet-sitter. However, if they DO have complaints, then that's usually an indication that there is a problem. A good pet-sitter will be a member of the BBB and will not have any complaints against them on file.
9. Are they professional? Do they keep notes and records of visit times, feeding details, feeding schedule etc. The exact process they follow and the notes/records that they keep should be discussed. A good pet-sitter will be organized and will take notes when discussing your specific needs. They'll also have a daily check list to be followed while you're gone to ensure that they complete all the necessary items required for your bird.
10. Finally, ask your pet. No, not literally but watch the interaction between the potential pet-sitter and your pet during the in house interview. Make sure they look comfortable around your bird (some people are afraid of birds) and make sure your bird isn't afraid of them. One parrot owner searching for a pet-sitter interviewed a pet-sitter with a fondness for facial jewelry (nose, eyebrows AND ears). Which is fine if your parrot doesn't mind but in this case, the parrot was absolutely terrified of the pet-sitter. The good pet-sitter will feel comfortable around your pet bird and your pet bird will feel comfortable around them.

Hopefully these tips and questions will help you screen potential pet-sitters to find the perfect parrot pet-sitter. A little effort up front will save you a lot of worry and heartache in the long run. And when you do find the perfect pet-sitter, don't forget to tip your sitter well and offer to be a good reference for them.

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