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Red Faced Lovebird

Red Faced Lovebird
Species Profile

Red-Faced Lovebird


Size: Adult Weight:
15cm (6 in) 43g (1.5 oz)

Races including nominate:
two: A.p. pullarius, A.p. ugandae

Colourization Adult: A.p. pullarius: male- green in colour; face orange/red; cobalt-blue lower back and rump; green/yellow upper tail coverts; black underwing coverts; green tail, with lateral tail feathers red at base, banded with black near tips and with yellow tips. Bill coral red. Eye dark brown. Female- orange facial mask; green underwing coverts. A.p. ugandae: both adults as in pullarius, but paler blue along lower back and rump.

Colourization Juvenile: A.p. pullarius: facial mask less extensive and orange/yellow in colour; black underwing coverts in male, green in female. Bill red/brown with black at base of upper mandible.

Call: Calls are described as weak and high-pitched; twittering and trilling. Also abrupt, whistling notes.

picture: © Robert van Zalinge

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